Learnable organization.

Clarity in your mind.
Harmony in your home.

Are you drowning in the chaos of your mind or feeling flattened by all there is to do in your home and life?

Mail. Bills. Receipts. Calendar. Papers everywhere!

Closets. Cabinets. Bedrooms. Bathrooms. Kitchen. Too much stuff!

Paper and stuff don’t just clutter our lives, they clutter our mind!

Whether its home spaces or paper, let’s work together and I can Show-You how to have…
What you need! Where you need it! How you use it!

  • Go from chaos to mental clarity
  • More time for people and things you love
  • Pro-active living instead of reactive
  • A home of harmony and hospitality
  • Learn skills and processes that last
  • Peace of mind and ready for life

I use the Paper Solution® systems developed by Organize 365®! All you need to conquer your paper clutter!

Sunday Basket

 Lost time searching for important documents? Missed events? Forgotten bills? Mental clutter from all the to-do’s? Feeling like a failure? The Sunday Basket is the solution!

Friday Workbox

A comprehensive organizational solution for actionable work papers and tasks. It’s a physical product that stores ideas, projects, and assignments to keep your desk free of paper! Yes!

Paper Retreats

Sort it all out! Get it all together! Join us at one of our paper retreats where we’ll be by your side to make decisions about all of that paper!

Essential Binders

What about all the reference paper? Ditch the file cabinets! These binders not only provide a place for important documents but also the critical information we hold in our minds.

Organization is a learnable skill…I am proof of that! I want to teach and help others learn the skills that turned my life from reactive to proactive!
rhonda Haynes

The systems you need for the results you want!

Set the stage for household harmony by collecting, processing, and maintaining household to-do’s and papers.

Overflowing inbox on your desk, clients falling through the cracks, deadlines that aren’t met, missed meetings, ideas that go undone… capture and complete work tasks in The Friday Business Workbox in order to do your work with excellence.

Set aside time for paper sorting and guidance in what to keep and what to toss!